Thursday, June 6, 2013

Recipes for the grill, camping, a picnic or tailgating--with a new angle for summer 2013

I walked through the neighborhood today and noticed that all the flowers are in full bloom.  Their leaves and blossoms are still in perfect condition as they reach toward the sun.  The tiny and perfect leaves of trees seems to dance in the breeze.  I love this time of year when everything feels new and fresh.  People as well as the flora seem to be reveling.  I thought to myself, this is summer.  I know technically it's spring --but I think-- these are the days...before you know it, like the flowers, we will all be tarnished and burnt by the sun.  Now is the time to enjoy it.

Enjoying Summer

Enjoying summer means cooking and eating al fresco or in the open air.  We love to grill around here and I'm always searching for new ideas or spins on old recipes.  I tell ya, there are some supremely creative people out there.  Although I'm not a "camper" I found some really innovative grilling ideas on camping sites and from bloggers who say they love to camp.  

Take V for instance, from  What she did with a banana made me bananas!  Why didn't I ever think of that?

Head over to her site if you're  looking for some awesome camping tips and recipes and all around good ideas.  I think she may be the only person I would ever go camping with!

As I surfed for more grill recipes I was blown away by Aimee's innovation at  How about this:  grilled tortilla chips.  I know who would have thought?!--but I am totally glad she did and shared because I can not wait to try that out.

Now for some kind of main course.  I've been thinking about new uses for plain old ground beef made into hamburgers on the grill.  That gets real boring towards the end of the summer.  So how about skewered beef?

Julie Toy

Curtis Stone's recipe for
Moroccan Beef Skewers looks delicious.   I like the concept of the skewers.  If you wanted to low-carb it yet still want a hamburger, maybe wrap romaine lettuce around these instead of a bun?  

And last but certainly not least:  Summer Drinks.  There's is nothing like a lemonade or lemon cocktail or citrus type beer on a summer day.  

Check out  for honey lemonade.  It looks very refreshing and summery.  

What says summer more than margaritas?  How about a margarita beer?  I've been intrigued by the notion for awhile now.  I'm definitely going to have to do more research on it it but here is what I have so far:  

The Blond Cook said she made a "porch cocktail" and well I have a  love for beer and a love for margarita 's....and I have a porch so...I just have to try her Cherry Beer Margaritas right?

So there's some fresh takes on classics.  I think these recipes can be made outdoors, while camping or tailgating or grilling on the beach or in your yard.  

Let's have a fresh perspective and celebrate the lush season any way we can!

Here's to Summer 2013!