Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to stay cool with no pool--Beat the heat with these homemade sprinklers and DIY splash pads: 4 cool ways to cool oftf in a heatwave

Baby it's hot- hot- HOT outside!  Most of America is now in an official heat wave.  How do you stay cool without a pool?

How about running through your very own DIY, homemade sprinkler!  Or even better--a DIY splash pad in your backyard! 

Could you believe your very own splash pad?  I had never even conjured up such a thing until I happened upon this site:  Event Horizon.

Event Horizon 

  What a great dad.  He created a SPRINKLER PARK for his daughter!  He has a degree in Physics and his tutorial makes it seem like a do-able project.  Even if you don't go to the extent he did.  I love the terminal of the sprinkler called  dueling noodle station.

Dueling Noodle Station:

He says everyone gets wet when the kiddos get near that one!  It sure looks like fun and very cool way to stay cool!

How about what Michele and her "men" did:

Now that is another fantastic project.  I love how she got the whole family involved in this undertaking.  Then the neighbors enjoyed it with them.  Memories for under $14.00.

For just about $25.00 the gang over at took the concept of a PVC-sprinkler to a completely different direction by adding accessories and making a:

                           DIY Kiddie Car Wash!

I'm thinking this would be just as much fun when the water wasn't even on!  I bet kids would still be thrilled to ride through while the sponges were still wet.

What if I don't what to spend that much time and effort--it's too hot!  

Well, here is a tutorial that is practically free in a "recycle" sense: 


Nicole knocked it out of the park with cheap, easy and quick:  it looks like it basically takes 3 components--including duct tape.  Who doesn't love a project that uses duct tape as a main part?

Four inspiring tutorials.  Somehow just looking at these pictures helped me chill out a bit.  

How do you keep your cool?

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  1. We have a store-bought splash pad, but this is way cooler! I love that kiddie car wash - how fun is that??

  2. So fun! These are all really great ideas. My kids have been swimming a lot this summer.